Wedding day timeline

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Wedding day timeline

When you envision your wedding day, what do you see? Do you picture your morning calm & relaxing? Or filled with laughter & bridesmaids? Who is there when your dress is buttoned up, and what does the moment look like when your daddy sees you all dressed up and ready to be walked down the aisle? Everyone’s vision is just a little different, and I love to hear what moments are important to you. These are the moments that will create your wedding day memories, and that is why I love this conversation. When we meet to discuss your timeline, we will talk about what is important, what moments will have special meaning, who you want to have photos taken with, and what your expectations are for your wedding day, and for me.  Making this come to life is why I believe that wedding day timelines are so incredibly important.

In fact,  I would be willing to suggest that a well thought out timeline is the key to having a stress-free, memorable wedding day. Creating enough time in the right places will help you enjoy your wedding experience, you will be able to capture the moments you want captured, while creating buffer time is a great way to account for things that may not go according to plan. This is also a great way to make sure that your family & wedding party know where they should be…and when, and it also allows you to relax while your vendors do exactly what they have been hired to do…they make magic! 😉 haha… kinda 🙂

Timelines…this is something I do, I love offering this service to all of the couples who choose Essentia photography. Not only does it allow me to do my job better, it also means that I can assure my clients that their day will not be a glorified photo shoot, instead it will be the wedding day they always dreamed of, and I’ll be there to capture it!

So…how does this work? In the month before your wedding, we’ll get together either in person or over the phone. I LOVE coffee or appetizers, just saying 🙂 Anyhow, we’ll go over your day, the important times that have been provided by your coordinator or venue, and then we will create your timeline together. Generally this will start with the time my team will arrive and the time we leave. After we are done, your other vendors will add to it to complete your day.

Below is an example of a complete wedding day timeline and some of the images captured during that time. Remember everyone’s day looks different and your timeline should reflect your specific needs.

1:00 pm – Photographers arrives with Bride

-Details (Dress, shoes, veil, jewelry, invitations, rings, etc)

-Candids & getting ready

1:30 pm – Hair/makeup complete for all bridal party

1:45 pm – Bride & Bridemaids in robes

2:00 pm – Bride puts dress & accessories on

2:30 pm – Photographer 2 with Groom

-Groom details (Jacket, tie, shoes, socks, cuff links, boutonniere)

-Groom getting ready & Candids w/ Groomsmen

3:00 pm – Groom with Bride’s note | Groom pinning boutonniere’s w/ parents

2:30 pm – Bridals in room (Bride & son | Bride reads note from Groom | Bride alone)

2:50 pm – Bride & Father first look

3:00 pm – Photographer 1 take Reception decor shots

3:15 pm – Photographer 2 take ceremony set up shots & candids of guests arriving

3:30 pm – Bride/groom getting in position for Ceremony

4:00 pm – Ceremony begins

4:30 pm – Ceremony ends

4:30 pm – Cocktail hour begins

4:35 pm – Formal portrait time begins

-Family Formals (Includes immediate family to Bride/Groom)

4:50 pm – Wedding Party Formals

5:05 pm – Bride/Groom formals

5:35 pm – Meet DJ for introduction

First Dance

Toasts & Blessing

5:45 pm – Meal served

6:45 pm – Bride & Father dance | Groom & Mother dance | Bride & son dance

7:00 pm – Open dance Floor

Followed by:

-Cake cutting, Bouquet toss & Garter Belt

9:45 pm – Formal Sparkler exit

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