As I finish up the editing for Joanna & Phil’s wedding, I just wanted to take a second and share this for them & their guests. It was such a beautiful day to remember, and I hope they will forever enjoy and love their images. Photographing weddings is such a joy to me. It’s so personal, and it has so much meaning. When I look at photographs I can hear the laughter, the funny jokes, or the sweet whispers. That’s exactly what happens as I go through Joanna & Phil’s images. I remember the laughter as Joanna was getting her dress on and the nerves & excitement just before the first look, and the relief & love shared in the moments just after. They were surrounded by so many people who love & support their marriage, and because of that I know that they will be looking through their wedding photos in 30 years laughing & smiling as they remember their day!

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