Unplugged wedding… Do or don’t?
November 28, 2016 by essentiaphotography in wedding guide 0 Comments

This has become a widely debated topic. Technology has become so mainstream that anyone, and I do mean anyone, or maybe everyone has access at all times to some form of device…even during your wedding. I see both sides of this argument. On the one side, your guests are coming from near and far to celebrate this special day, and in a time when every single moment of our lives are captured and shared on social media…of course your wedding would make the top of this list. As a photographer, I get that! But let’s take a stroll down the other side of the theory. It’s my job to see what is going on during your wedding and too many times I have seen parents, grandparents, family and friends fidgeting with their phones, ipads or camera. They can’t get the settings right, the flash won’t go off, or the battery is dying. Meanwhile, the bride and groom are laughing because the bride can’t get the ring to go on the grooms finger or your fiance just whispered to you that he loved you while the officiant was talking about the keys to a long and happy marriage. But they didn’t […]

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Wedding day timeline
November 27, 2016 by essentiaphotography in wedding guide 0 Comments

When you envision your wedding day, what do you see? Do you picture your morning calm & relaxing? Or filled with laughter & bridesmaids? Who is there when your dress is buttoned up, and what does the moment look like when your daddy sees you all dressed up and ready to be walked down the aisle? Everyone’s vision is just a little different, and I love to hear what moments are important to you. These are the moments that will create your wedding day memories, and that is why I love this conversation. When we meet to discuss your timeline, we will talk about what is important, what moments will have special meaning, who you want to have photos taken with, and what your expectations are for your wedding day, and for me.  Making this come to life is why I believe that wedding day timelines are so incredibly important. In fact,  I would be willing to suggest that a well thought out timeline is the key to having a stress-free, memorable wedding day. Creating enough time in the right places will help you enjoy your wedding experience, you will be able to capture the moments you want captured, while creating buffer time is […]

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