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Essentia Photography loves capturing the true connection, and nature of our clients special relationships and moments in life. We specialize in beach photography, but love having the opportunity to photography our clients in a variety of settings all over the United States.


I am super excited that you are here, and if you are reading this you have reached the point where you really want to get to know me and figure out just who I am! I considered an incredibly formal introduction, but that’s just not me.

I am Jaimi, a wife, mother and photographer! I like to think of myself as fun, outgoing, and hopefully a little on the personable side. I am dedicated to each of my roles in life, and have been truly blessed with the ability to combine all three, allowing each to help the others thrive even more! I am the only girl, in a house of 5. I have been married for 5 years to my husband, Jay. We have a beautiful blended family, with three boys between the ages of 4 and 13! Our house is loud, fun, and there is never a lack of entertainment! 

I founded Essentia Photography 2010, after attending the Fine Arts photography program at St Pete College. I knew when I started the program that I wanted to be a wedding photgrapher, what I did not know is that I would fall in love with other genres as well.  I found two things to be a common thread in all the art that I have loved creating. Truth & connection!  I truly enjoy capturing the true connection betwen people. I love the raw moments, the happiness and laughter, love and friendship. Sometimes in our lives we begin to feel like life just drags on, but in reality it is mostly a fleeting moment and soon we will struggle to remember that smile, or the laughter. That time in our life that moved too quickly, that we forgot to slow down and adore. We forget the simple joys that were, as we move on to new exciting chapters in our lives.  Somewhere along the way life begins to move quickly, but our photographs will forever remind us of what was. That moment. That day. The love. 


So, that's a little about who I am. I’m Jaimi. I'm a mother. I'm an artist, and hopefully I'll be your photographer. I hope to make you laugh and smile, and I cannot wait to capture your story!


Kind Words

We love what we do, and we hope that our clients love it to! We feel so honored when clients choose us, and work hard to create personal relationships with each of our clients. Your experience matters to us!
Whitney & Jim

We loved working with Jaimi. The best part about working with her, is how much fun you have! We laughed the entire time, she made us feel comfortable and captured something really special!

Jaclyn & Felix | 05.02.2015

Our photos are not only beautiful, but extremely creative. Jaimi was funny, professional, patient and just a true artist.

Amanda & Andrew | 01.02.2016

Jaimi was not only an AMAZING photographer for us, she was absolutely integral to making our wedding such a successful, smooth and memorable event .

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